Bed & Breakfast

Located in the center of the historical village of Voltaggio, BUBU B&B is a fascinating luminous and original attached 

terraced house overlooking the Lemme river and offering a beautiful view.
Close to the lovely Piazza Garibaldi, it is characterized by a quiet and pleasant atmosphere and offers a welcoming setting and an enchanting pensile garden.

It is the ideal place for people who wish to retire to the countryside and breath some fresh air without giving up with comforts, who need to simply and freely relax. It is a strategic starting point to organize many walking or cycling routes, to enjoy local wine and food not to far from Ligurian sea and shopping time offered by the very close Outlet in Serravalle. 

Bubu B&B is also the local shop of Loliettoo®, the academic Start Up company from Scuola Superiore Sant'Anna of Pisa that created COCCOON, a sustainable and 100% natural eco-cosmetic line, unique and precious. At Bubu B&B in Voltaggio you can buy Coccoon products directly without any reservation, or collect your order purchased online here.

BUBU B&B opens its door to all those travellers who look for a nice local reception with something special and unique.