Il Borgo Antico

Voltaggio, Vultabium in ancient times, is a small village of the High Val Lemme, located in the valley floor where four rivers and an old thermal spring of sulphurous water merge.
It is a pearl within the green of the Genoese Oltregiogo, close to the Ligurian sea whose marvellous view is enjoyable from Bocchetta Pass, its outer territorial limit.

At 40 km from Genoa and 100 km from Milan, Voltaggio is rich of antique art testimonies, and its historical architectural nucleus preserves some medieval and renaissance characters and charm of the final urban development of '700 as well represented in the ancient map of Matteo Vinzoni (1690-1773).
Passo della Bocchetta (772 metri s.l.m.)

How to reach?

By car:
  • from Genoa:
Faster way (40 min.): take the motorway Genova-Serravalle A7 (exit Busalla) and then Passo della Castagnola in Borgofornari;
Panoramic way (55 min.): follow Passo dei Giovi to Campomorone-GE and then take Passo della Bocchetta;
  • from Milan (1h 30 min): take the motorway Milano-Serravalle-Genova A7 (exit Serravalle) and then the country road to Gavi and Voltaggio.
By train:
  • from Genoa: Regional train from all the Genova Railway Stations, stop at Busalla Railway Station (35 min);  extraurban bus lines  or taxi from Busalla Railway Station to Voltaggio;
  • from Milan: Fast regional train from  Milano Centrale Railway Station to Arquata Scrivia Railway Station (1h 15 min); extraurban bus lines  or taxi from Arquata Scrivia Railway Station to Voltaggio.
By bike:
  • to athletes, the choice of the best itinerary! Available space to keep the bicycles, on request.