A character born from the imagination of some mates, still among the best friends ever. Grown up between scientific research, professional and entrepreneurial activities and many life and work experiences... permanently in a continuing education course.

An architect passionate about photography, energy-saving, ecologically sustainable planning and environmental protection. Motivated and complacent father, his attitude is the reasonable positive thinking... mixing the balance and integrity of his "mature" age with the enthusiasm and spontaneity of his youth, never forgotten. 

He passed the last decade in touch with nature, doing gardening and following the rhythm of seasons. Now he has decided to deal with the business consulting for a promising academic startup, Loliettoo®, in addition to the tourism and relaunch of the fabulous historical village of Voltaggio. 

Within this context, together with Bubu's loved ones, BUBU B&B project was born, and it has become the local shop of the eco-cosmetic line COCCOON made by Loliettoo® where you can buy Coccoon products directly without any reservation, or collect your order purchased online here.